To hit the 2050 net-zero targets, the renewable energy sector needs to scale at an unprecedented rate. With this challenge in mind, Green Tech Skillnet has partnered with ARMSA Academy to deploy h’alt®, an innovative online technology that enables renewable energy organisations to scale safely and efficiently. Integrating seamlessly with Microsoft Teams, h’alt® empowers teams of all sizes with content - at the time of need - to learn AND problem-solve simultaneously.

Do you want to avoid…

❌ 7% increase in project delivery times?

❌ 10% escalation in frictional costs?

❌ downtimes to sustain continuous operations?

☑️ If you want to improve LCoE forecasts by counteracting the risk of errors and reworks by cultivating a culture of getting it right the first time, h’alt® may be the solution for you!

h’alt® is transforming attitudes towards growth and safety in the renewable sector, by delivering role-specific content and analytics exactly when needed, on-site or in the office.

How can you benefit from h’alt®?

● Streamline Irish development by learning lessons from offshore projects in other jurisdictions.

● Leverage h’alt® management insights to tackle hidden risks which can have huge costs later in the project lifecycle.

● Empower your team by improving individual and collective decision-making.

● Identify critical knowledge gaps for better workforce planning via management analytics.

● Improve development, construction, and operational safety, reliability, and performance.

h’alt® acts as a mentor by answering queries in a conversational interface, directing users to relevant content, helping them make the right decisions, first time and encouraging early stage cross-functional collaboration.

Who benefits from using h’alt®?

● Offshore and onshore wind developers

● Asset owners

● Utilities

● IPPs

● Investment platforms

● Wind turbine OEMs

● Integrated energy companies

● Wind asset management companies

And the best news?

Green Tech Skillnet is in the unique position to be able to offer a huge 40% discount to the first 6 companies who apply.

To take advantage of this exclusive offer, please email jeanette@windenergyireland.com or khalida.suleymanova@armsa.co.uk