Green Tech Skillnet and ARMSA Academy have recently entered a partnership to promote an exciting new online decision-making and learning tool called h’alt. 

Green Tech Skillnet is delighted to offer a 40% discount to the first 6 companies who adopt this limited offer. To participate, apply HERE. 

Click here to register for the h’alt launch event taking place on the 6th of June from 10:30 – 11:30 AM.

Would you be interested in an online tool that would? 

  • Bring Projects in on time (or ahead) up to 20% 
  • Reduce frictional costs 
  • Support a right-first-time culture 
  • Decrease downtime 
  • Improve LCoE predictability 

If so, h’alt may be the solution for you! 

Who will benefit from using h’alt? 

Early innovators and adopters in the renewable energy sector falling into the following segments: 

  • Wind turbine OEMs - both onshore & offshore 
  • Wind developers, asset owners 
  • Utilities 
  • IPP 
  • Integrated energy companies 
  • Investment platforms 
  • Wind asset management companies 

How will you benefit from a solution like h’alt? 

  • h’alt will predict which projects are going well and which ones are a risk. It does so by monitoring and assessing patterns of engagement of your team with h’alt. 
  • Empower people to make the right decision every time and in every project phase; h’alt directs professionals to the right content and encourages early cross-function collaboration. 
  • Proactive organisations using front-end loaded decision-making enjoy a reduction in project costs, snagging, and delivery time; Operating projects benefit from a reduction of the Levelized Cost of Energy. 

What makes h’alt unique? 

  • It delivers relevant role-specific learning content at the point of need. Developed to stimulate collective and support individual decision-making amongst: 

- Procurement and work package managers 

- Project and construction managers 

- Asset managers 

- Operations and maintenance managers 

- Lead technicians 

  • Content is management decision-making focussed, and the platform can be tailored to deliver internal content, securely. 
  • Acting as a mentor, h’alt provides confidence and helps users identify areas for improvement. 
  • Is built on the principles of safe and reliable operations. 
  • Customisable to specific governance models, e.g., stage gate or project. 
  • Imparts front-end loaded knowledge and connects to clients’ internal knowledge bases. 
  • Tracks user engagement within their workflow context, harnessing big data to predict risks and opportunities within projects and portfolios. 

If you like to avail of this offer, please click HERE to complete the application. 

Please note that you will be asked to upload your organisational chart and your training plan. If your company is chosen, you will have a live online diagnostic for h’alt lasting 1.5 hours. ARMSA will review data provided in advance of the diagnostic to develop an outline of the deployment strategy. 

The 1.5-hour meeting will be used to verify data previously provided and examine expected organisational and operational changes. 

To find out more, email jeanette@windenergyireland.com